Unit No. 458, Plot No. E-5, Aggarwal Metro Height NSP, Pitampura-110034IN
Unit No. 458, Plot No. E-5, Aggarwal Metro Height NSP, Pitampura, IN
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Mode of Report Soft Copy
Type of Industry Cosmetic
Type of Certification New Certification
Services offered Consultancy
Training Courses (if applicable) Cruelty free Certification
Document verification Mode Online
Target Location Pan India
Certifications Provided Cruelty free Certification
Color blue
Delivery Time 1 week
Service Area All india
Service Duration 24 hours
Document Required legal
Certification Provided with in 1 week
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Certificate

The Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny is the globally-recognisable gold standard for cosmetics, personal care and household products. Hundreds of brands are approved cruelty free under our Leaping Bunny programme.

The term cruelty-free was first used in this way by Lady Dowding who persuaded manufacturers of fake furs to use the label Beauty Without Cruelty and went on to found the charity Beauty Without Cruelty in 1959.[2] The term was popularised in the US in the 1970s by Marcia Pearson who founded the group Fashion With Compassion.[3] Then, in 1998, the United Kingdom started a trend by banning all testing on animals. Many other countries followed their lead soon after.

“Typically a young rabbit is tightly constrained in a box so that he is unable to move... Clips sometimes hold his eyelids open. Anesthesia is not generally administered. A researcher applies a concentrated substance to the outer layer of the eye and observes over a span days or weeks for responses such as blindness, bleeding, hemorrhaging and ulceration. At the end, the rabbits ar
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Cruelty Free Certifications, Cosmetic, New Certification

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