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Mode of Report Soft Copy
Type of Industry For Food
Type of Certification New Certification
Services offered Consultancy
Document verification Mode Online
Target Location Pan India
Certifications Provided ISO 22000
Document Required GST, ADDHAR CARD, PAN CARD, INVOICE, SCOPE OF ACTIVITY, Website , Seal and Signed Application from
Certification Provided with in 2 Days
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Certificate

ISO 22000 is a Food safety management system which is outcome focused, providing requirements for any organization in the food industry with objective to help to improve overall performance in food safety. These standards are intended to ensure safety in the global food supply chain. The standards involve the overall guidelines for food safety management and also focuses on traceability in the feed and food chain.
ISO 22000 is the most popular voluntary food safety international standard in the food industry with 42,937 sites certified (as per the ISO Survey 2021). The ISO 22000 family are international voluntary consensus standards which align to Good Standardization Practices (GSP) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) Principles for the Development of International Standards. Defining the requirements for a Food Safety Management System (FSMS) and incorporating the following elements which as defined as FSMS principles:
• interactive communication
• system management
• prerequisite programs
• HACCP principles
Critical reviews of the above elements have been conducted by many scientists. Communication along the food chain is essential to ensure that all relevant food safety hazards are identified and adequately controlled at each step within the food chain. This implies communication between organizations both upstream and downstream in the food chain. Communication with customers and suppliers about identified hazards and control measures will assist in clarifying customer and supplier requirements.
Recognition of the organization’s role and position within the food chain is essential to ensure effective interactive communication throughout the chain in order to deliver safe food products to the consume
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ISO 22000 Certification Services, For Food

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