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650454de66ccf2a19bbc5213ISO IEC 21827 2008 Certification ServiceISO IEC 21827 2008 Certification Service

Product Details

  • ISO 21827
  • Pan India
  • Online
  • New Certification
  • For IT and Consulting
  • What is ISO 21827:2008 Certification

    This standard Deal with the Systems Security Engineering - Capability Maturity Model (SSE-CMM), which describes the essential characteristics of an organization's security engineering process. It does not prescribe a particular process or sequence. The model is a standard metric for security engineering practices covering development, operation, maintenance and decommissioning activities.


    o It has several phases including development, operation, maintenance and decommissioning activities;
    o The whole organization, including management, organizational and engineering activities;
    o Concurrent interactions with other disciplines, such as system, software, hardware, human factors and test engineering; system management, operation and maintenance;
    o Interactions with other organizations, including acquisition, system management, certification, accreditation and evaluation.


    The objective is to increase the maturity of the security engineering process within the organization. The SSE-CMM® is related to other CMMs which focus on different engineering disciplines and topic areas and can be used in combination or conjunction with them.

    Now and History

    This standard first released in year 2002 and later on upgraded in 2008 with main 7 clauses and Four Annexure are as follows:
    1. Introduction & Scope
    2. References
    3. Terms & Condition
    4. Background
    5. Structure of the Document
    6. Model Architecture
    7. Security Base Practice
    Annexure Annex A-Generic Practices
    Annex B-Project & Organizational Base Practices
    Annex C-Capability Maturity Model Concepts
    Annex D-Generic Practices

    How to get / what is Process for ISO certification?

    To get the ISO certification, please fill up below given form & our team will contact you.
    Step-1 Query from the Client
    Step-2 Filling up the Application form
    Step-3 Agreement Approval
    Step-4 Stage-1 Audit
    Step-5 Stage-1 Audit NC’s Closing
    Step-6 Stage-2 Audit
    Step-7 Stage-2 Audit NC’s Closing
    Step-8 Certificate Release

ISO IEC 21827 2008 Certification Service 876
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ISO IEC 21827 2008 Certification Service


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