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Unit No. 458, Plot No. E-5, Aggarwal Metro Height NSP, Pitampura-110034IN
Unit No. 458, Plot No. E-5, Aggarwal Metro Height NSP, Pitampura, IN
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6544eacb1e4bfa39ad86c502Natraj Flour Mill Emery StoneNatraj Flour Mill Emery Stone
Brand Natraj
Color White
I Deal In New Only
Country of Origin Made in India
Minimum Order Quantity 10 Pair

A flour mill stone, also known as a millstone or grinding stone, is a large stone used in traditional flour mills to grind grains into flour. It is an essential component of a mill that allows for the transformation of whole grains into usable flour.
Here are some key characteristics and information about flour mill stones:
Material: Flour mill stones are typically made from natural materials. These stones are chosen for their hardness, durability, and abrasive properties.
Construction: A traditional flour mill stone consists of two stones: the stationary stone, known as the bedstone, and the rotating stone, called the runner stone. The bedstone remains fixed, while the runner stone spins on top of it, grinding the grains in between.
Furrows and patterns: Millstones have grooves or furrows cut into their surfaces. These furrows aid in the grinding process by channeling the grains towards the center and ensuring even and efficient grinding. The patterns and designs of the furrows can vary depending on the milling process and regional traditions.
Stone dressing: Over time, the grinding surfaces of millstones wear down due to the constant friction. To maintain their effectiveness, millstones require periodic dressing or re-dressing. Dressing involves cutting or shaping the furrows to ensure the desired grinding quality.
Stone-ground flour: Millstones are often associated with the production of stone-ground flour. Stone-ground flour retains more of the grain's nutrients and flavor compared to flour produced by modern roller mills. This makes stone-ground flour popular among those seeking a more traditional and wholesome product.
INR1500In Stock

Natraj Flour Mill Emery Stone

Sold By : Natraj Overseas
₹1,500  Pair

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