Unit No. 458, Plot No. E-5, Aggarwal Metro Height NSP, Pitampura-110034IN
Unit No. 458, Plot No. E-5, Aggarwal Metro Height NSP, Pitampura, IN
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Capacity (KLD)5 KLD - 500 KLD
Feed Flow Rate(m3/day or m3/hr)5 m3/day - 500 m3/day
Water Pump Power1.5 KW
Installation TypeContainerized Plug & Play
Application IndustryFood Industry
Treatment TechnologyMixed Bed Bio Reactor(MBBR)
Material of ConstructionMild Steel
Automation GradeSemi-Automatic
Impurities To Be RemovedDissolved Minerals, TDS
Treatment StagesPreliminary Treatment, Primary Treatment, Secondary Treatment, Tertiary Treatment
Air Blower Count2 Blowers
Air Blower Power0.5 KW
Control ModuleAvailable
Country of OriginMade in India
Minimum Order Quantity01

Our industrial sewage treatment plant has a specially designed aeration system that allows the pipes in the facility to become oxygen-rich. The even distribution of oxygen provides a healthy environment for plants and other biological organisms, enabling fully aerobic wastewater treatment. The fresh, oxygenated effluent is then piped to land or released into waters--thus decreasing water-treatment costs, preventing corrosion, and reducing the effects of bacteria on aquatic life. This system is ideal for industries such as food processing plants or breweries where the effluent may contain additional heavy metals, oils or acids.

This Industrial sewage treatment plant describes the processes used for treating wastewater that is produced by industries as an undesirable by-product

Industrial sewage treatment plants are facilities designed to treat wastewater produced by industries. After removal of the solids from the water, the treated wastewater is discharged back into the atmosphere, where it may be reused or released to a sanitary sewer or, in some locations, to surface waters in order for them to be renewed and rejuvenated. The process of treating removes all of the dissolved toxic and non-recyclable toxic materials as well as regulating for pH and temperature so as to not cause harm to the local environment.

Many industrial sewage treatment plants are located on bodies of water like rivers, lakes, & oceans so as to protect offshore ecosystems from contamination.
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Sewage Waste Water Treatment Plant Food Industry, 5 KLD - 500 KLD


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