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  • OHSAS 18001
  • Pan India
  • Online
  • New Certification
  • For IT and Consulting
  • Soft CopyWhat is OHSAS 18001 Certification?

    OHSAS 18001 stands for Occupational Health and Safety Management in the organization for its manpower, employees, stakeholders & interested parties . It complies of the framework for better management including the aspects of legal compliance and risk management. It addresses the safety and occupational health comparatively than any other safety product. It for Occupational Health and Safety Series. It is a consensus standard developed in 1999 by an independent panel of national standardization and certification (registration). It has the same structure as the ISO 14001 environmental management system, and is roughly the same elements. It has been specially developed to be compatible with the ISO 9001 quality system and ISO 14001 to allow companies to develop and register integrated quality systems, environmental and occupational health.

    Integrated ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001

    There are several common elements between the three systems, such as management review, document control, corrective action and the need for qualified personnel. These can be integrated into a single, common or a combination of the foregoing. Review of communication systems are available and can be the best method for some companies. Integrated systems not only help an organization internally, reducing duplication and provide a centralized control system of records, but can also offer financial benefits for your company audit by a third party.

    Helps In Achieving The Following
    • Identifies the hazards near a workplace and implements prevention control
    • Prevents any ill-health or injury to your work force
    • Reduces looses due to accidents, thereby saving cost
    • Evaluates compliance with the legislative necessities
    • Improvised safety culture
    • Pinpoint areas where training and competency is required
    • Improves production
    • Assists with pre-qualification process from your customers behalf
    • Promotes corporate responsibilities
    Who Should Use OHSAS 18001

    If you want to eliminate or minimize the risks that are part of your activity towards your organization and workforce, then yes, it's made just for you.

    In fact, our services spread across the globe from USA, UK to Germany, France, Turkey, Russia, Italy, Slovakia, Chez Republic, Singapore, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Iran as well. Likewise, it's possible you already will have some elements inquired by OHSAS 18001 already at your work place. Whatever is left or pending, we can provide you a better management system that is more cohesive so it meets the required standards.

    Any organization that implements 18001 standard needs a crystal clear managed structure with predefined authority responsibilities. The objectives for improvement should be clear along with a measured result structure to asset risk assessment as well. This also includes monitoring issue's like safety management failure, reviewing policies, auditing performance, objectives and health. Quality Control (QC) Certification has always been above rest in understanding what their customers require. Below are the benefits of using this certification.

    • Satisfaction of Customer: To meet the customer’s requirements, along way ensuring safety of property and workforce
    • Improvised Stakeholder Relationship: By ensuring the health of your workforce is better and and of property as well. Also, by making suppliers and customers priority for better response.
    • Legal Compliances: Guide you through the statutory and regulations requirements that can affect your business and customer's.
    • Reduce Operations Cost: Maintain lesser ill health and down-time and maintain low legal pays and compensation so money is saved.
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OHSAS 18001 2007 Certification


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